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EnviroSafe was founded by John Ackerman and Doug Loveall in August 1993. Both John and Doug had been in the control industry for over 10 years. John was employed by a large pest control company. While he started as a pest technician the last 7 years were spent in sales. Doug was with a large pest control company for 3 years, then he was in sales with another large pest control company for 7 years.

During the years we worked together we noticed that the industry is frozen in time. New materials and methods were coming out, and the two leaders of the industry were ignoring them. Both of the giants are tied to monthly pest service. The fact that it is no longer necessary is overlooked because monthly billing is the standard in the industry.

When we started EnviroSafe we were determined to give our customers the best and safest service period. We searched the nation to find the products that fit into our program. We knew that we could perform environmentally friendly pest service using "INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT" combined with the newer products on a once a year basis. Understanding that a company is only as good as it's people, we were careful in selecting our sales and service staff. Making sure they had the same vision of the pest control industry as we do.

When we perform an annual service, we spend between 1 to 2 hours on a average sized home. The time spent is necessary so we can pin point our application. Nothing is applied where children or pets can come in contact with it. Natural products are used as much as possible. Where their is not a natural solution we use the product with the lowest environmental impact that is available. By taking this philosophy we realize that we are narrowing our target market, but we think their is a growing number of environmentally conscious families that would love this service if they knew that it was available.

The main idea behind EnviroSafe was to create a business that reflected our feelings for our own families. This is why we took the name EnviroSafe and the motto, Protecting your world, because our families are our world.
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